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Welcome to my About Me page! I'm thrilled to have you here, and I want to share a bit about who I am and what drives me.

At the core of everything I do are my values, which serve as my guiding light. COURAGE is my trusted companion, enabling me to look deep within myself and take meaningful actions. My insatiable thirst for lifelong learning fuels my personal GROWTH journey, and it's an essential part of my process. Embracing FREEDOM allows me to stay flexible and open to new directions as they arise.

I believe that success begins with an open mind. When people approach our discussions with authenticity and self-intimacy, they reap the most significant benefits.

As a Love and Sex Coach, my mission is to help individuals uncover their true selves, foster deep connections, and unlock their full potential in self-development, all while infusing a sense of humor into the journey. I'm here to empower, encourage, and inspire you to embrace your authentic self.

My perspective on life is unique; I see it through a different lens. I firmly believe that we must listen with the same passion with which we desire to be heard, and that courage is the heart and soul of all expansion.

I'm passionate about creating a safe space where no topic is off-limits. When you can express yourself freely and without judgment, profound transformations can occur. My coaching technique is both unique and intuitive, offering you insights into how to tap into your true self.

My journey into this field began in 1998 as a massage therapist, where I discovered the deep need for addressing mental, emotional, and relationship health in people's lives. Clients found solace in confiding in me during their sessions, and in 2012, I made the decision to formalize my commitment to their overall wellness and became a certified Life Coach. In 2020, I furthered my expertise by obtaining certifications in relationships, sex, and love coaching.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. Together, we'll explore uncharted territories, laugh along the way, and unlock the infinite possibilities that lie within you.


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