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My core values guide me and provide clarity. It’s my COURAGE that allows me to look within and act. My thirst for life-long learning ensures GROWTH and is vital to my process. While embracing FREEDOM, I can be flexible and change my mind when a new direction is presented.

People discover success when they come to our discussion with an open mind. They will benefit the most by being genuine and intimate with themselves. 

I’m a Love and Life Coach who helps people seeking to uncover their sense of self, become connected and discover their full potential in self-development with simple, effective techniques, including a sense of humor. I empower, encourage, and inspire you to be your authentic self.  

I see life through a different lens than most, believing you must listen with the same passion as we want to be heard and know courage is heartfelt to all expansion endeavors.  

It’s important to share your story, and no topic is too taboo. However, when you truly express yourself without judgment in a safe space, you can begin to work with the truth. My technic is unique and intuitive; my perspective will show you how to tap into yourself.

I started with the physical side of wellness as a massage therapist in 1998 and realized the mental, emotional, and relationship health of people needed addressing. My clients found that speaking with me confidentially while on the table truly helped them transform their life. So in 2012, I decided to make it official. I care about my client’s overall wellness and could now support them on a deeper level. In 2020 I continued to evolve my coaching with relationships, sex, and love certifications.

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