Menopause and Perimenopause Resources

Welcome to the Menopause Resource Page—a comprehensive guide embracing menopause with knowledge, empowerment, and compassion. Find support and valuable information to navigate this transformative journey with grace and confidence. 


Menopause and Misinformation: Empowering Your Journey

Have you ever felt dismissed by doctors, being told your symptoms are imagined, or advised to simply endure them? I understand your frustration, as I've experienced it firsthand too. I am committed to combating misinformation surrounding menopause and providing you with the knowledge and support you deserve.

Embracing the Change: Menopause and the Spiritual Connection for Women


Understanding Menopause

  1. What is Menopause? Learn about the natural biological process of menopause, its hormonal changes, and the common symptoms women may experience.

  2. Perimenopause vs. Menopause: Understand the differences between perimenopause (the transitional phase) and menopause itself, as well as when to expect these changes.

  3. Symptoms and Coping Strategies: Explore the various symptoms associated with menopause, from hot flashes and mood swings to sleep disturbances, and discover practical tips to manage and alleviate them.


Let's Talk About Menopause!


Resources: Doctor Knowledge

The Need for Up-to-Date Guidance: Some doctors may not be well-versed in current menopause guidelines, leading to misconceptions about this significant life transition. It's crucial to seek out healthcare professionals who stay informed about the latest developments in menopause and perimenopause care. Remember, you have the right to access accurate and current information.

Sources To Help You

Let's Get You Educated

Information is power. Here are resources to begin your menopausal journey.

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