What People Are Saying 


"Prior to beginning my life coaching with Ann, I struggled with anxiety and depression over what, to most people, seemed like the simplest things. Ann has made every step of the Life Coaching process enjoyable, easy and even fun, through her approach as a trusted guide you can talk openly to, laugh with, cry with and ask her advice and experience on anything. No subject is taboo nor met with judgment. Ann has encouraged and empowered me more than anyone else I've ever met. Every accomplishment in my journey of self-development has been met with praise and enthusiasm and I look forward to continuing our work together for many more years to come." 

Vicki H.  


“I truly don't know where to begin when it comes to what Ann has done for me throughout my life as a trusted guide, coach, and friend. With every stage of my life I have turned to Ann and she has welcomed whatever it is I am dealing with zero judgement, open arms, a kind heart, understanding, relatability, and even humor. Ann has an energy about her that nobody I have ever encountered can match-she will leave you feeling stronger, more capable to take on your day, more fit to have those more difficult conversations with ease when talking to her based on her trustworthiness and wonderful flow of communication (because she is REAL). Trying to figure out which direction to take but you just can't decide? Ann will help you to tackle anything! With the exercises she creates for you, you can focus on achieving any goal you set your mind to. I can personally say that Ann has positively influenced me to go in a direction in my life that has saved me: I am forever thankful for her and will carry what she has instilled within me, always. I have several family members and friends who are all grateful for Ann and her incredible work. Book a session with her and get your life how you WANT IT!” Alison G. 


“My experience working with Ann for coaching has been nothing short of positive and extremely helpful. The benefits I have received are real life tools that I can use on a daily basis to better myself and the relationships around me. They are also simple tools that are easily woven into daily routines. I also feel more accountable for my goals. I continue to go to Ann because I feel very comfortable with her and it is easy for me to express openly my struggles and stress. I always leave feeling so much better, calmer and have a direction. She is involved and transparent, this is not just a venting session. She is a great listener that is able to then give very real advice, tools to help you achieve your goals and better yourself. ” Jenn O.


Ann is a  good non biased sounding board for me. She has listened to what I tell her and then tried to put it into perspective for me. Additionally she has offered me advice on how I might try to deal with the issue at hand. ” John D. 


“I have known Ann Bell for over 20 years. Ann started as a Massage Therapist and morphed into my Life Coach, Family Coach, Couples Coach and Marriage Officiant. Ann is compassionate, empathetic, versatile and intuitive. She specializes in creatively helping her clients to do the work required to improve their lives and discover their authentic self. If you are ready to do the work, I highly recommend Ann. If you change nothing, nothing will change. ” JoAnn S. 


“I have known Ann Bell for close to 15 years. She is a very caring person and a great listener. In couples coaching she has excellent judgement and intuition. She comes prepared to session with new ideas and innovative approaches. She is able to balance the needs and concerns of each partner to help move their relationship forward. She is dedicated to her work and is a true life long learner!” Warren S.


“My experience with Ann has been enlightening, educational and supportive, not necessarily in that order. I have received clarity and hope. I chose Ann because I had a history with her from our past experience. I felt that I was able to talk to her and valued her opinion. She has encouraged me to look within myself and think outside the box.”  Sue P.

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