Why did I choose June 25th to launch?

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Greetings Peeps,

I'm so excited to be launching A Confidential Conversation today on June 25th and here is why.

A little backstory on how I arrived here.

Being a Certified Life Coach since 2012, I’ve always wanted to focus on expanding this part of the business but the Massage Therapy part was extremely busy and I didn’t have the time to devote. Then the pandemic hit last year and overnight I had to close my Massage Business for three and half months. Just like that my income ended. I won't lie, my anxiety and fear were off the charts.

I’m a walker and most days I generally do two miles. Quickly realizing there was no exact time frame for when I would re-open the massage part of my business I began walking a lot and felt like Forest Gump when he walked in the movie. Then after about a month I stopped with the extreme walking (7-8 miles per day) and went back to my regular walking. I do love walking. 

During this time my Business Coach was offering a course on building your own online business. Bonus! I signed up for it. Shortly there after I decided to enhance my Life Coaching skills and took a 300 plus hour certification course on Relationships, Sex and Love Coaching. Final step was deciding on the logo, choosing a website and then learning the back end of the website. A year later and here I am, launching! 

But wait! More backstory.

I am a widow of 30 years. I was young, a mere 29 and it was a tragic time in my life. The details of this particular story is for another day. You’re wondering what does this have to do with the launch?  

I believe in reframing situations especially when they are healed. I graduated from the Relationship, Sex and Love course on my late husband’s birthday and didn’t notice till I saw the date. I felt this was an excellent way to change the energy of the day, again. I’ve been doing this over the years, celebrating him and giving the day new meaning for me. Fast forward to now, the completion of A Confidential Conversation website was in sight and I needed to pick a launch date. I had this thought, “Why not on my wedding anniversary? Reframe the energy of the day. It felt right and that’s what I’m doing. 

I will always remember the importance of these days and excited that they have new meaning which is empowering! 

Time to celebrate!


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