Where’s the magical feeling of Christmas?

celebrate holiday magical Dec 23, 2021

It’s two days away, and I’m having a hard time tapping into the spirit. Maybe watching Christmas movies might help; I made sure my decorations were up right after Thanksgiving, hoping. The Christmas sleigh has a fresh floral arrangement with lights this year to look at, and I even bought candles, smelly ones with balsam fir scent to trigger the feeling. Nope. 

Then I spent time with my great-niece today, four years old. I bought a gingerbread man decoration for us to do and would you know my sister got the same one. The Christmas music was on, and we were singing and gluing the gingerbread man to life. My sister and I planned the dinner and deserts for Christmas day. The feeling started to root inside me. 

It’s been a rough six months on top of a pandemic for the last 21 months. So many changes are happening for me, and quite frankly, I’ve been thrown for a loop. Letting go is one of the hardest things in life to do. The building I’m living and working in has been sold, and the rent has significantly increased. Maintaining a massage practice in a pandemic has been extraordinarily stressful, plus starting a new business in Life Coaching is no picnic either. Don’t get me wrong; these are exciting times but challenging. Somedays, my bandwidth has incredible energy, and other days not so much. 

Why am I sharing this story? 

I wanted to be honest. Life gets hard—times get tough. I needed to be alone to process and feel whatever was required. I got angry, sad, happy, and felt grateful. I watched myself run the gambit with my emotions. Socializing when I could and with people who would nourish me and not take. Help fill my cup back up. Am I there yet? No, but I’m on my way. 

Here’s my plan for this holiday season. 

  • Make sure to do events/activities that bring a smile to my face,
  • When it all becomes too much, take a step back and re-evaluate. Is this making me smile? 
  • It’s ok to spend time alone, and it’s ok to enjoy others, find my balance and harmony. 
  • Remember, the magical feeling that happens at the moment is just that magical. Before you know it, more will come to be treasured.  

I hope that sharing my feelings and plan for the season might help you find yours. First, define what is important to you to experience. Then make it happen in your way. The holiday spirit comes from within, and sometimes it arrives late and might only be for a magical moment, and that’s ok too. 

Have the happiest holiday season. But, of course, we all celebrate differently and isn’t that the most splendid thing of all. 


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