Vegas, Sex, and the Server.

server sexualizewoman vegas voyeur Aug 22, 2022

It was my first time in Las Vegas, as we celebrated birthdays, my niece's 40th and my 61st. Vegas has an energy of its own, and it was fun and fascinating at the same time—lots of gambling, alcohol, shopping, adventures, and sex galore on all different levels.

It was a lot of peopling for me. As a business owner, Covid has kept my circle small for the past two years. I have traveled, but it was to the beach, more outdoorsy. I was often indoors on this trip, but I did manage to spend my day at the pool with adult beverages, which helped me relax, breathe the fresh air, and watch people, one of my favorite past-times. It's the voyeur in me. Hence, I focused on the wait staff and had a delightful conversation with the server.


She was a beautiful young woman between 19-21 years old and had a lovely figure. However, I was curious about her feelings about her uniform. She was wearing a bikini, and the bottom was a thong with a sarong wrapped around her, hardly covering her bottom. Now mind you, the runners (people who delivered your food) wore a polo shirts with shorts, and all wore sneakers.

 I politely asked if I could ask her some questions regarding her job.

She said, "Yes."

What did she think of her uniform?

She said: "I like wearing a bikini because I'm in the sun all day and want a tan, but I would prefer a different bottom."

Does she feel self-conscious with her bottom exposed?

She said: "At times."

How do you deal with having your period?

She said: "Ugh. The worst part. The first two days are hard, and you hope the string doesn't pop out, LOL."

Do you have trouble with customers in any way?

She said: "90% of customers are great. Sometimes they can get out of line, but I've learned how to handle them. If not, the support staff here is great. They will handle it."

Did she like working there?

She said: "Yes, in general. The money was good."

We then discussed the need to sexualize the servers. We both had similar views. Sex sells. Present the pretty and sexy person to serve you, and the customers will be happy. That is the simplified version of our conversation.

We discussed the need to sexualize children. For example, we talked about when kids are in dance recitals, and the applied makeup and perfect hairstyles—the clothes for younger girls seem sexier. What is it doing to their self-esteem in the future? I've read that social media harms young girls' self-esteem. They compare, and the comments they receive are lasting. They don't have the brain development to process as adults do, and even a negative comment can sometimes send me into a loop.

 There were no concrete answers. Nevertheless, I found it to be a profound discussion. It was nice to hear a younger woman's viewpoint, and she did thank me for asking.

I get it; I'm in Vegas. But I couldn't help but think would she sell as much if she was in the runner uniform? Possibly. I think it would be an interesting experiment.

And to think this all started by embracing the voyeur within. Have you ever embraced the voyeur within you? 







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