Pleasure, pleasure everywhere. How does your pleasure grow?

pleasure sex talk Apr 06, 2023

Let’s use the analogy of a garden. What does it take to have a successful, luscious, bountiful garden? First, you will need a plot of fertile land with access to sunlight and plenty of water available. Next, you will need to till the ground to prepare for planting. Then you must dig in the dirt and make rows to plant the seedlings or seeds. Once that is accomplished, you cover up the seeds with the soil. Finally, label the rows that you have planted for future reference. Next, water often and watch mother nature grow your vegetables. They will be so tasty because your sweat and effort went into this project. But what happens if a drought or the deer eats your vegetables? Anticipating this might occur, you must find another water source and put a fence around the garden to protect it from predators.


So Ann, what does this have to do with pleasure?

Pleasure comes in many different ways. I’ll use the analogy that your body is the garden, and for it to become flush with desire, you’ll need to engage all five senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing, and eyesight). The care you take to grow your garden is the same care needed to grow your pleasure.


Definition of pleasure: The state or feeling of being pleased. Enjoyment or satisfaction derived from what is to one’s liking: gratification: delight—worldly or frivolous enjoyment: the pursuit of pleasure.


How do you define pleasure? What actions give you pleasure? Do certain aphrodisiacs stimulate your sexual desire? Do you engage your senses in lovemaking? If so, how? If not, why and how could you include them?


Pleasure, like all areas of sex, is as individual as it comes. So I recommend you have some fun and explore with yourself and your partner to see how to increase it. I know it cannot be very comfortable initially, but I want you to put your big girl panties on (or off) and do it!


You might need to hear some sexy talk to start the flow. Then, maybe lightly stroked on the hand or neck, how about a little nibble on your ear, sensual kisses deep and lingering, playtime with food and you as the smorgasbord? Are you getting the idea? Take your time and savor the experience. Think outside the box and try new things. You might be surprised and walk away with a smiley vulva!

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