Erogenous Zones and You

erogenous zones Apr 05, 2023

(There is a previous blog about Foreplay you might want to read first because this post will extrapolate on it.)

Erogenous Zones are sensitive areas on the body that causes sexual arousal when it is touched. Sometimes even using your breath will have the same effect and start their juices flowing. When incorporating sensual play into your lovemaking, things heat up fast.

So let's talk about these hot spots and tips for exploring.

Scalp – you can encompass the entire head, hair, and even forehead

Eyes  -   a great place to give butterfly kisses

Ears   - a great place for lots of nibbles all around

Mouths (lips) – kissing and more kissing, don't forget to lick

Neck – a zone of utter delight from the ear to the clavicle

Hands – a playground to explore fingers and hands, top and bottom

Breasts – please include nipple play

Pubic area- take your time and explore the sensations your partner exhibits

Feet – toes, toes, and more toes a great place to suck, nibble, and finger fuck

In reality, any part of the body is erotic and fair game. It will depend on you and your partner's likes. The stomach, hips, inner thighs, legs, calves, armpits, and butt cheeks, include it all. You might like your neck bitten, and your partner might find it off-putting, find what turns you and them on.

Here is where you can begin to play and let your imagination run wild; anything can go here as long as both parties consent. So please tap into your creativity and pretend you're an Artist. The body is your canvas; you will paint using your mouth, fingers, toes, tongue, and anything else you want. There is no rush; the slower, the better to build up your desires.

Sensual play will use all the senses. For example, simply blowing your breath on your partner's neck or pussy can excite them. Running your fingers through his hair as you kiss him will drive him crazy. Don't forget to grab a handful of ass while you are there. Take his hand and caress it softly, then seductively put each finger in your mouth. The toes are a fabulous fucking zone, so don't be afraid to use your mouth to suck on them and fingers in between his toes; it feels like your fucking him and will drive him crazy. You can even blindfold your partner, trace a letter on their stomach, and see if they can guess it. Then add some food in the mix, whip cream, strawberries, etc., and feed it to them. When you use Sensual play and Erogenous Zones, it's the magic formula for hot lovemaking.

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