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Meet Ann!

As a professional bodyworker with 25 years plus experience and a Love and Sex Coach, I see a need for couples to connect on a different level using touch. I've taught this class, and every single time, couples learn something new about their partner, which ignites the spark. I created this course so you can experience that level of connection in your own home. Enjoy!


 Why Do Couples Take This Class?

Date Night: Something out of the ordinary, and you don't need to leave your home.

Learn a New Skill: Couples that play together stay together.

Enhance Their Pleasure: Is your love-making stale? Routine? A bit boring? Sensual Massage will add the element of spice you seek!

Are you feeling disconnected from your partner? Touch is the fastest and easiest way to reconnect and rediscover the closeness you have lost.

Bring the playfulness and laughter back into your relationship.

Transform your nights for less. $37 unlocks the door to intimacy!

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 Let's Get Sensual: Mindblowing Massage Methods for Lifetime. 



Massage manual, simple with easy step-by-step instructions. Value $75


Four videos of the exact techniques you can use to bring your partner to the heights of ecstasy. You will learn to give and receive a full body massage, including the penis and vulva. Value $325


Bonus Content


The 10-Minute Massage for when time is an issue, and you need to be the superstar for your partner Value $49

Scar Massage to help your partner feel more comfortable with their body. Value $49


Added Bonus

You can learn in the privacy of your own home, plus the course is yours forever. 


Total Value $498

Savings $461

Your Investment Only $37  

Dive into sensual massage – making pleasure and connection affordable for all.
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My husband, Jim, and I joined another couple for the class. It was a really interesting experience. Ann instructed us as Jim and I massaged each other. We both enjoyed the experience very much. It felt intimate and loving as we learned what pleased each other. - Ursula (62) and Jim (68) Hudson Valley, NY 


Ann Bell is a very caring and talented massage therapist. When we took her couples massage class we found it to be a very positive and enjoyable experience. Her guidance and instruction is spot on and easy to follow. You leave feeling good and with the skills to continue on your own.
Would highly recommend this class. - Warren (56) and JoAnn(54) Hudson Valley, NY

Indulge in Intimacy: Unveil a Journey of Connection with Couples Massage, Right in the Privacy of Your Own Home

Experience the joy of shared relaxation, deepening intimacy, and fostering a stronger bond. Elevate your relationship through the art of touch, creating moments that resonate long after the massage ends. Ignite passion, communication, and a shared sense of well-being. Discover the transformative benefits of Couples Massage together.

Your Complete Guide to Sensual Massage Packed in One Comprehensive Course

 The course outline is simple and easy to teach you Sensual Massage. It has step-by-step guided videos and a downloadable e-book that will match the course outline. Whatever type of learner you are, I have provided the method. 

You will learn to give and receive a full body massage, including the penis and vulva. All body parts hold stress, and relaxing the intimate areas will heighten your partner's pleasure on a different level. Which in turn will expand your lovemaking and make you a superstar in the bedroom.

Sensual bliss awaits – $37 for a lifetime of connection and pleasure!


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